Choosing the best coffee maker

Hundreds and thousands men and women start their day with a cup of coffee. This drink tones up, gives power, energizes. Its deep, rich taste was appreciated by coffee nerds all over the world. However, can the powder for instant drink give you all range of feelings or not? Is it able to substitute expertly brewed natural coffee, done with the fresh coffee beans? Absolutely not. Many people choose instant coffee due to easy preparation. Lives of vast amount of natural coffee lovers were simplified several times after the invention of the drink making machine. Now, it became possible to admire its rich taste in home conditions every day.

There are coffee machines of several types: Drip Coffee Maker, Espresso Machine, Single-Serve Coffee maker. These gears significantly simplify the process of natural coffee brewing. Moreover, with help of them you can make such coffee drink varieties, which are impossible to do by hand, for example – espresso, cappuccino or latte. The coffee machines make it automatically; you should only push several buttons for the preparation program choice. But if you are traditional coffee cooking adherent, you may use jezve or French Press.

While choosing the coffee machine you should primarily take into account the favorite way of preparation, volume and coffee type you are going to do. One and the same coffee variety prepared by the different coffee machines will differ not only by taste, but also by body. How not to make mistake in the suggested range and choose the best coffee maker for home we will find out below.

Drip coffee maker

Maximum easy and convenient gear for home coffee making. The way of preparation with help of drip coffee maker is also called filter method of coffee making: water, heated till 195-205 f goes under its own weight through the filter with ground coffee, afterwards flows into the bowl for ready drink. Many models are equipped with the function of automatic bowl heater. Thus, the needed coffee temperature can be kept for a long time.

Drip coffee makers allow to prepare coffee of one type only, the coffee strength is adjusted according to the water volume and coffee amount in the filter, however many more expensive models may be equipped by the function of coffee strength adjustment. The bowl capacity of the drip coffee makers may vary from 2 cups till 15 and you should choose the size depending on your needs. The anti-drip system protects the ready coffee from leak, when the bowl is taken off. It is very convenient if you want to take one cup when the rest of coffee is still under preparation.

The drip coffee maker capacity, as usually, depends up on the volume directly. But there is one nuance. The less the coffee maker capacity is – the longer preparation will be and the stronger taste the drink will have. With another words, if you like strong coffee you should choose the coffee machine with minimum capacity, approximately 750-800W.


Drip coffee makers do not dispense without filter, which are of 3 types:

– One use paper filters. Quiet hygienic, because they are used only once, however quiet unprofitable from the financial point of view.
– Nylon filters. These filters are economic and intended for 60 brewing times. You should take into account that such filters are often used for years.
– «Golden». These are reusable filters as well, but with special covering. In comparison to nylon filters they can be used three or four times longer.

– Brewing coffee in such coffee maker is quiet safe and easy, even a kid can do this.
– Relatively low price and ease of use.
– It almost doesn’t need maintenance service while using.

– Expendable materials mean extra expenses.
– Is inappropriate if you want to drink coffee quickly, because it takes from 5 to 15 minutes for preparation depending on the model.

Espresso Machine

The drip coffee makers will not do for strong coffee lovers – such people should choose special machines aimed at espresso making. Many coffee machines of such type are equipped by the special steam jet, which is intended to whip milk froth. With another words, it is possible to make cappuccino or latte. Espresso machines in their turn are subdivided into several sub varieties, which we will try to describe in details.

Steam Espresso –this way of coffee making means that the steam flows through the ground coffee beans. This steam is formed in the special leak-proof vessel as a result of water heating.

Pros of Stream Espresso:
-Not high price
-Quiet strong coffee
-Ease of use
-Possibility to make drinks with milk froth

Cons of Stream Espresso:
-Not high efficiency (2-4 cups)
-Preparation duration (from 5 min per 1 cup)

Pump Espresso – in comparison to usual steam espresso, this coffee machine has special pomp, which creates high pressure. Cold water from the bowl is heated till the needed temperature while getting into ground coffee beans and perfect strong coffee is done.

Its quality is without any doubts higher than the coffee we get from the steam espresso machine.  Moreover, while preparing coffee in such machine, less amount of coffee is used, because the produced steam is stronger and this means that it is able to take more aroma from the coffee bean.

Pros of Pump Espresso:
– High efficiency
– Drink quality and strength
– Possibility to pour into several cups at the same time
– Possibility of drink preparation with milk froth

Cons of Pump Espresso:
– High price
– Regular maintenance service needed

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

in spite of all the variety of suggested models, this type of coffee machine is continuing to occupy the leading positions of sales. These machines are intended not only for your home, but for your office also. They are very easy-to-use, need small place and prepare coffee quiet quickly. The bowl for coffee making keeps all the flavor variety. Such coffee maker will do for real gourmets.

The principle of Single-Serve Coffee Maker work is easy to a fault and exactly because of it customers choose this coffee machine.

The leak proof vessel with already roasted and pounded coffee mixture should be placed into a special container. The machine opens the capsule by itself, deletes it and brews coffee. The most pleasant is, that due to the leak proof vessel coffee does not loose aroma and taste while saving and transporting, because it happens on the fresh air. Single-Serve coffee maker is much more convenient and practical than usual coffee makers. The capsules already contain certain amount of coffee, counted for the certain volume and concentration. That is why you should not check volume and amount by yourself.

– Very easy-to-use
– High variety of different drinks tastes.
– Stylish coffee makers with the fastest ready drink supply

– Capsules may cost to high

French Press

French press for coffee – the easiest gear for coffee making aimed at aroma extract from the ground coffee. The process of brewing happens through the steaming and pressing. Such method is also called piston method. Back in 1920 year the company “Melior” created piston coffee machines. French press represents tight glass. This glass is filled with the coffee and boiled water. Afterwards with help of the piston on the top coffee is pressed, so that lees keep on the bottom. In order to brew coffee in French press, you should choose coarse-ground coffee. Coffee of elite types is the best for such method of brewing, because they have rich aroma, which opens while brewing.

– No filters, or another expendable materials or accessories needed
– Ease and mobility
– No need in electricity. Economy.

– The brewed coffee cannot be saved for a long time.
– The fancy coffee types are not possible to be done with help of these coffee maker.

Making flavorful coffee in French Press

The way of coffee brewing in French press is very easy and doesn’t need special skills:

– First of all, you should pour clean water into the tea-kettle and boil it.
– Grind coffee beans. It should be of coarse-grinding reminding sand.
– When the water boiled, turn it off and wait for a minute in order the water got not more than 90 degrees.
– Swill the French press with hot water making it warmer at the same time.
– Put the ground coffee into the French press glass and fill it with hot water.
– Mix it with the spoon, put down the lid on the level of water.
– Leave it for 5 minutes, and then push the piston separating coffee and lees.
– Cups for coffee should be swilled by the hot water as well. Then, pour ready coffee in them.

Choosing the best Coffee Maker for home

So, what coffee maker to choose for home – usual or automatic? It is held that coffee is a drink of aesthetes, because it warms your heart and body. Coffee gives you bliss, subtle senses, that’s exactly why it often costs more than a good wine. Many people like making coffee by themselves. And when you grind the needed dose of coffee for one brewing, the drink becomes more aromatic. It is better not to add sugar; you can use brown sugar at least, which will give a drink caramel flavor. If you have good coffee maker at home, you may not go to coffee house, because you’ll get perfect aromatic drink and enjoy it at home at any time. The coffee nerds are aware, that you should put coffee, which was freshly ground into your coffee machine, because already in 15 minutes aroma will start to vanish.

Today more and more people started to use automatic, programed coffee makers for making favorite drink. Jezve and drip coffee maker become a thing of the past. Surely, such coffee machine is able not only to save time, but also the steps of coffee making process.   Due to only one button push, you may get aromatic fresh coffee in a matter of seconds.

Coffee machine

If you have drip coffee maker or espresso machine, it is very good, but automatic coffee machine is still better due to automatic coffee brewing. The coffee machine makes almost everything by itself; you need to put coffee in it and make easy settings and that’s it. There are many various coffee machines on the market. Producers design them in such various ways and give them such various functions range, that it may be really difficult to choose the best one for oneself. You will have to get used to your new coffee machine for a while after having bought it. In the beginning it will be strange and wonderful, how does the machine make espresso or cappuccino in several seconds. But when you friends will come to you and will get their drinks within minutes, you will be really happy, that you saved so much time.

How to Brew Perfect Coffee

The secret of one perfect coffee cup is in quality and freshness of the coffee itself, in water quality, in correctly chosen method of brewing, clean dish and equipment used for coffee making.

It is very important to choose exactly that coffee variety, which is suitable for the exact method of making. The right chosen grinding type of coffee beans has substantial significance as well as dosage. Coffee – is not ready-to-drink thing; the understanding of correct brewing method choses the taste of the final product.

Nine golden rules of coffee making:
– Study the principal of your coffee machine work carefully.
– Use clean dish only.
– Use clean and fresh water only.
– Choose correct grinding type.
– Be careful while dosage.
– Temperature of coffee brewing is 195-205 f.
– Drink espresso directly after brewing.
– Do not save freshly made coffee longer than 30 minutes; do not mix old and new coffee.
– Use high quality coffee variety only.