Coffee Health Benefits

coffee health benefits

Natural coffee is one of the most popular beverages on Earth. 90% Americans start their day with a cup of coffee. In Europe, in its turn, the first coffee was served in drugstores as a medicine. But not all the people consider coffee to be “bracing elixir”. Moreover, there is an opinion, that this beverage is really harmful for our health. estimated all advantages and disadvantages connected with coffee drinking.

Aristotle and Avicenna knew already about the healing coffee qualities.

You may get many advantages from a couple of coffee cups. Because every coffee bean contains vast amount of vitamins and microelements: Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Sulphur. There are more than 30 organic acids. It is proved that a cup of coffee contains approximately 20% of recommended daily intake of the body of vitamin P complex.  Natural coffee normalizes the work of central nervous system. Coffee increases the so called “good” cholesterol content in blood. The Harvard Medical School scholars defined that coffee prevents cholecystis from calculi formation. Only 2-3 cups a day decrease the possibility of cholelithiasis development in 30%, and protect from the diabetes in the meantime. The easiest way to increase the “feel-good chemicals” as serotonin in blood is to drink a cup of coffee. 2 cups a day may decrease the risk of depression in 3 times. In accordance with statistics the coffee lovers commit suicides several times rarer, than coffee haters. Moreover, it is defined that one cup a day may substantially prolong sexual activity of women after 50 years.  The food value of coffee is not big: only 9 kilocalories per 100 gram of beverage. That is why you may often hear talks about the green coffee benefit for weight loss.

The homeland of coffee is Kaffa province in Ethiopia. The name of the beverage comes from here. The Ethiopian herdsmen were first who noticed that goats become more active after they eat red fruits of unknown tree. Very soon people adapted these beans for tonic.  

For whom coffee is contra-indicated? In large amount coffee may dizzy you, provoke head ache and insomnia. Coffee is not recommended to people with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, renal diseases, glaucoma, elevated blood pressure, inflammability or insomnia. Coffee contains tannins, which dry gastric mucosa. That is why the beverage should not be drunk on an empty stomach. Due to the same reason it is contra-indicated for ulcerous persons. Coffee may trigger physical addiction. People who abused the beverage and sharply quitted with it may have headaches, sleepiness, sluggishness, distraction, irritability, and sickness. The doctors advise refusing coffee gradually. Old people and children should not drink coffee as well.