French Press Coffee Maker – Guide and Best Picks for 2017!

French press coffee maker… Is such a common and convenient thing. It seems that there is nothing easier than brewing coffee with help of press, isn’t it? But in order to get the most out of your coffee maker you should delve into it in details, get acquainted with its short story, and understand how it works.

Coffee maker will help you to brew a cup of tasty, flavorful coffee- but you need to master the needed minimum of information. Many people do not know that press is able to provide very clear taste if it was correctly prepared and used.

Some background. What appeared earlier – vacuum coffee maker (siphon or vacuum pot) or French press coffee maker? Possibly you will be surprised, but French press coffee maker appeared later. Obviously, its construction is generally easier, but the invention of such filter, which could provide the needed hermeticity became a stumbling block. First models, manufactured, as it is understandable from its name, in France, didn’t become popular exactly because of the absence of such filters. In the meanwhile in the middle of 19th century siphons were already used. In the beginning of the 20th century press coffee makers, which were called “Cafeolette” that time in France, started to gain popularity and were generally marketed. The first models was patented by the Italian designer Attilio Callimani in 1929. In 1930s the presses of the «Melior» brand were popular, these devices were equipped  with mesh filters from stainless steel for the first time in history. The Danish company «Bodum», who improved the construction till like its current appearance, brought world popularity to it in its turn.

Several tips for the best French press coffee maker choice.

Out of all ways of coffee brewing with help of coffee press this way is one of the easiest, cheapest and most convenient methods. However, there is such a big choice of this equipment that you do not know where to look next. Here are some tips how to make the right choice.

Cheap or expensive?

You shouldn’t give preference to the cheapest models. Despite of the thing that coffee can be tasty even in such coffee presses, they break down very fast. Too expensive models are also useless – elite models, as usual, have quite high price due to its personal brand or unusual design only. In reality, as a rule, they don’t have real advantages in comparison to press of the middle price category.

You should choose models, which can be easily taken apart for convenient washing. One of the important details will be the fact, how closely does the filter fit to the chamber walls. It happens often that the manufacturers seal the plunger with the silicone ring. But after the brewing the beverage aroma will be mixed with this silicone. Also the service life of such device is usually limited and is approximately 3 months, after that time the sealant becomes unfit. The purchase of usual French Press Coffee Maker with plunger made from stainless steel will be the best decision. The principal of work of all the devices of this type is the same.

It is typical for some models that in the beginning you have to make efforts to lift the plunger. It is not a problem, quite the contrary, it is good. It is a sign that the device is made qualitatively and well thought-out. Experienced users assert that exactly these models brew the best coffee. After several weeks of exploitation the plunger motion will become significantly easier.

You should focus your attention on the filter look.

If it is large, it will be possible to brew coarse-ground coffee as consequence. It will perfectly fit those people who has coffee grinder with an adjustable grinding mode. With help of the models with nylon mesh you may brew coffee from medium or fine-ground beans.  You shouldn’t forget that the filter needs maintenance. It is often recommended to buy spare flask. Experienced users, who uses the coffee press for a long time and know all the nuances of this device are aware that despite of the thermostability, the glass flask is still quite fragile. That is why mixing coffee in it to get the froth should be done with wooden or plastic spoon. If you use metal spoon you risk damaging the glass.

Make tasty coffee cup in French press coffee maker.

The feature of the press for coffee is that you should not look for exact coffee beans type. Any types of beans fit for tasty, flavorful coffee brewing in press. Due to special construction the press for coffee absolutely allows exploring the aroma and taste of coffee. But in order to brew really tasty coffee you should know several secrets. The first main rule which you should remember: do not forget to wash your press! After small hiatus succeeding an intensive exploitation of coffee press (for instance, you had vacation and then came back home), the inner part of the device flask starts to smell unpleasant. Those, who faced it, are acquainted with this unpleasant and repulsive odor. The most frightful thing is that this smell is really able to spoil your cup of the tastiest coffee.

How to get rid of it? The easiest way is to put the coffee press into the dishwasher with other dishes. But if you don’t have dishwasher you have to wash the glass flask and filter with help of the detergent carefully. You should believe, there is nothing more frightful than the spoiled cup of tasty aromatic coffee with the musty smell of the forgotten press! There are several tips. Following them you will brew tasty and aromatic coffee:

Tip №1: Taste depends upon the freshness of coffee.

Preparation of the ground coffee just before the brewing gives the best result. Only this way you may achieve full exploration of the taste and aroma of coffee. Even if you are skilled enough in French coffee making and are aware of the correct dosage, you will never make real coffee from the beforehand purchased ground coffee powder.

Tip №2: no limitation by types of coffee and any spices.

You may brew any coffee type in coffee maker, including aromatized coffee. You may add favorite species to the coffee simultaneously. The main thing is not to overdo with additional ingredients, in order not to spoil the taste of the coffee itself. Concerning the coffee amount for brewing, you may follow the SCAA recommendation – 8.25 g per 150 ml.

Tip №3: give preference to course-ground coffee.

Yes, the coffee maker construction is easy, but does that mean that the quality of grinding is not important? On the contrary, there is an opinion that the correct grinding for French press coffee maker is not less meaningful than for espresso. The only difference is that you should get very homogeneous course-ground coffee, while for espresso- very homogeneous fine-ground. The cheap coffee grinders are not able to provide that and you will get mishmash from tiny and large coffee particles. This fact will be the cause why small particles appear in the cup and the sediment form on the bottom obviously. The grinding type will influence the taste insignificantly. Read in this review how to choose qualitative coffee grinder, which is able to satisfy all your needs. Moreover, those people, who are going to brew coffee using press, should know one simple rule – if the grind is course grind, it will be easier to press coffee-grounds and while middle or fine grinding use you should make some efforts to push the plunger down.

Tip №4: The freshness of roast is not less important.

It is considered that optimal deadline for coffee use is 2-4 weeks after the coffee beans were roasted. You may perfectly know how to use French press coffee maker, but really good beverage cannot be done from old and dried-up beans.

Tip №5: First of all, use filtered water of good quality.

One of the main factors determining the taste of readymade coffee is the quality of water you use. Filtered (but not distilled water) will perfectly fit. You should never use water that was once boiled twice. You should rinse the coffee cup with hot water. In order to get coffee with flavorful taste you may moisten it preliminary. In this regard you should put freshly ground coffee into press and fill it with small amount of water. Leave coffee for drawing, for instance, till the water for drawing won’t become hot. Be careful – boiling water is not allowed to be added into coffee maker if you don’t want to spoil your coffee taste. Water should not be brought to boil or after it boiled you should wait for minute or two. Add so much water that its level will be 2 fingers lower than the flask brim. Appeared cream-froth on the surface should be immediately mixed up with spoon; afterwards the flask should be lidded. In the meanwhile you should not touch the plunger yet.

Tip №6: determine coffee brewing duration depending on the needed strength.

While correct brewing the typical cream-froth cap should immediately appear on the surface. It should be rapidly mixed up with the spoon. If on this stage you didn’t get cream it means that either the water temperature was incorrect or coffee was of poor quality. One tiny nuance should be taken into account – the needed time for coffee brewing in French press coffee maker is quite shorter than in jezve. The time is in direct relation to what coffee do you want – strong or not. The standard coffee is brewed not more than for 4 minutes after you fill up the flask with water. If you want stronger coffee you should brew it for approximately 6-7 minutes.

Tip №7:  Only after brewing push down the plunger

4-7 minutes later, when the coffee was just brewed, remove the lid and mix up the beverage again. Return the lid and only then start slowly pushing the plunger. Coffee should be poured exactly after the plunger achieved the bottom of the press. You should not draw coffee in press for too long or reheat it again.

Taking into account that the vast variety of presses for coffee is available on the market starting from different manufacturers, and that setting one’s choice on something is quite not easy, we gathered top 7 best French press coffee maker which are worth buying.

1. KONA Press for Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker, 34oz

KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker

In order to get maximum of positive emotions not only from the ready-made beverage drinking but also from the process of brewing itself you should have coffee press from the KONA brand in your house. The Kona design is quite interesting and stylish, smooth lines and bends remind a piece of art. The flask is made from borosilicate glass, which withstands high temperatures easily. The body and upper lid are made from black, mat plastic, including the handle, it doesn’t get hot while coffee brewing and consequently you are not risking burning yourself. Moreover the body doesn’t deteriorate and lose shape even while the process of long-term exploitation. The filter is made from stainless steel. The  KONA Press capacity is not small, it is quite enough for the whole family or friends company.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.6 out of 5 stars (10,466 customer reviews)

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 2. Bean Envy 34 oz Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker

Bean Envy 34 oz French Press CoffeeDue to the fact that presses become more popular for the last time and the diversity of models is widening every day, it is more difficult for the manufacturers to surprise and please its customers by something new. Nevertheless Bean Envy has something what marks it out of others and it is its kit. In addition to very qualitative French press coffee maker you will get mini, manual milk frother. This pleasant addition will allow you brewing not only coffee and tea but making, for instance, espresso or latte, or even cocktails. This model itself cannot be marked by something super special. It is easy and qualitative, the flask from borosilicate glass, body from high quality BFA free plastic, the other parts from stainless and chromized steel. There is additional filter in the kit as well.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.6 out of 5 stars (153 customer reviews)

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3. SterlingPro French press coffee maker 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)

SterlingPro French Coffee PressThose, who love brewing coffee in press are perfectly aware of how important is a qualitative and well thought-out filter system. This thing by the way is one of the main advantages of SterlingPro Press. Due to innovative system with double filters even the fine-ground coffee, and moreover tea lives won’t appear in your beverage. Its volume is 1L. The flask is made from high-temperature borosilicate glass; it is resistant and bears high temperatures. The body and plunger with filter are made from stainless steel. Even while long-term contact with liquids it is corrosion resistant, it doesn’t oxidize and, what is the most significant, it doesn’t generate hazardous substances. Convenient handle is made from plastic. Stylish and esthetic design will perfectly fit any interior. You won’t waste much time for its maintenance, because it can be easily cleaned. It also can be washed in the dishwasher. One more important feature is that SterlingPro French Coffee is packed into branded, hard box, which cannot be crumpled while delivery. It is ideal as a present to relatives and close people.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.4 out of 5 stars (5,106 customer reviews)

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4. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord 4 Cup French PressThe Bodum company produces French Press Coffee Makers in Portugal on the plant. Several interesting models can be marked in the range of the company, Brazil for instance, but it will be better to set your choice on the Bodum Chambord. Even if this model costs higher it has a range of advantages.  The model design is worked out in1950s of the last century, it looks pleasant and a bit strict. The body of Bodum Chambord is made from stainless steel and the flask is made from borosilicate glass. The matted polypropylene handle doesn’t get hot while use. This glass is light and durable, it is able to keep its transparency even after several years of exploitation. Moreover Bodum Chambord is available in 4 variations 3 cup, 4 cup, 8 cup, and 12 cup, so there are no problems with the needed volume choice. In 2004 the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker received the American Culinary Institute’s award for best French press coffee maker.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.4 out of 5 stars (2,612 customer reviews)

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5. Culinary Prestige French Press Coffee & Tea Maker

French Press Coffee & Tea MakerPerfect combination of glass and steel doesn’t stop inspiring designers for wonderful accessories for coffee brewing creation. Stylish Coffee & Tea Maker from Culinary Prestige Company is meant for flavorful and aromatic coffee brewing. Due to thought-out press with double filtration you will never see thick coffee sediment or tea leaves in your cup. The flask is made from high quality borosilicate glass, it doesn’t keep any odors and is easily washable after the last usage. Almost all other parts are made from stainless, chromized steel. The handle is very convenient, however it is metal it doesn’t manage to get hot and there is no need in oven gloves. Press from Culinary Prestige will look very esthetic and harmonious with other kitchen appliances. This model will fit the classic interior as well as the high-tech style kitchen, for instance.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.8 out of 5 stars (379 customer reviews)

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6. LINKYO French Coffee Press 34oz, 1L

LINKYO French Coffee PressThe main difference of last two models from the rest of French press coffee makers is that there is no glass flask. Solid, shining body of LINKYO made from stainless, polished steel looks just fantastic. It is not by coincidence, that this model gained overall love and authority, indeed there are many pleasant advantages except of the appearance, such as reliability, because there is nothing to break, ease, minimum parts for better cleaning, 2 additional filters. Double walls from food grade stainless steel allow maximally keeping taste, aroma and temperature of the beverage. Moreover, it allows the device being longeval and resistant to high temperatures influence. Furthermore, this material doesn’t corrode, what is very important for device, which contacts with liquid all the time. The manufacturer gives 2 year warranty.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.8 out of 5 stars (1,747 customer reviews)

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7. Secura Stainless Steel French Press

Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee MakerReliability, not giving rise to doubt, and perfect design – these are main values, which Secura realized in its French Press Coffee Maker. In general, Secura is very similar to the previous model, the same monolithic stainless steel body, which cannot crack or absorb different flavors, the same convenience and ease. Practicality and style absolutely correspond the last fashion tendencies in kitchen accessories creation. Triple Secura stainless steel filter allows separating the coffee grounds and extracting inimitable taste of coffee till the last drop. It can be very easily disassembled and washed. By the way, there is an additional filter in the kit. However this model is absolutely made from steel, it doesn’t  get hot while the process of brewing and keeps all the warmth in the same time: your beverage will remain hot for the long time. Despite of it, it doesn’t lose shape, keeps its functionality and attractiveness even after years of active exploitation.

Amazon Customer Ratings:  4.8 out of 5 stars (1,811 customer reviews)

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French press coffee maker maintenance.

Like any other dish, used for food preparation, the press should be kept in accordance with all rules, which are implicated for the kitchen utensils care. After the brewing you should immediately empty the device.

After, the beverage was poured out, you should take out the plunger and throw away the rest of coffee-grounds. The special carefulness should be showed while plunger cleaning – it also can keep some coffee-grounds on itself, what can spoil the taste of beverage while next brewing. The walls of the glass flask should be washed under running water, it is desirable to do this with help of the soft sponge – after long-term use there appear yellowish fur, which can be fastened here and it will be difficult to get rid of it in the future.

In conclusion, you should brew that amount of coffee, which you will be able to drink in nearest 10 minutes. Otherwise the beverage will get cold and its drinking will be not such pleasant like with the correct temperature. Leaved coffee inside coffee maker will keep brewing and that is why the beverage can acquire excessive bitterness.