Home roasting of coffee beans.

Home roasting of coffee beans. The tastiest coffee is freshly roasted coffee. Coffee beans roasting is one of the most important processes on the way to their transformation into a delicious drink. There are many fans of dark roasting among the coffee lovers, which gives light bracing bit of bitterness to the beverage. However there are not few lovers of light roasting, which keeps sour sense and coffee beans aroma. The coffee gourmets and just people who like to drink a cup or more resort to home coffee roasting more often. It is explained by the fact, that in this case they get possibility to control the process of coffee beans roasting; people can choose favorite coffee sorts from all over the world, adjust time of roasting and make personal standards of what is light, medium or deep roasting. But you should remember that you cannot achieve such quality which is provided by the industrial production in home conditions, because it is hard to provide qualitative internal and external bean roasting due to the needed technologies absence.

Before you will start home experimental roasting of coffee beans, be ready to blow the first batch, but don’t give up: it’s the first step that is troublesome. Not one kilo of green beans will be spoiled on the way to perfection. It is better to roast coffee in the big cast-iron pan, because it will be roasted unevenly inside the oven and it should be stirred quite often.

Wash the pan carefully before roasting in order to deprive from foreign flavors, which may spoil the coffee aroma. Frist of all the green beans should be washed and dried. It may be dried naturally or wiped with the towel (clean of course). Having preliminary heated the pan put coffee on it till the thin film and roast it slowly on the weak flame. Bring it to the maximum gradually increasing the flame. Don’t be lazy to stir beans continually in order they could become evenly brown. Some coffee lovers add butter or other vegetable oils on the assumption of 1 table spoon per 1 kilo of coffee. In this case it will be more aromatic, but will spoil quicker. Time of roasting depends upon the beans amount, thickness of layer, heating power, and even the sort of the chosen coffee.

People have opinion that coffee should be roasted till “the color of chestnut”. When the beans will start to crackle and butter will start to bulge out, the pan may be taken away from the flame. While taking away the coffee it should be not almost ready, because beans will continue to roast some more time by themselves due to the high temperature inside them. When you completed the roasting process, put coffee away from the pan immediately and dry it on the fresh air near 5 hours. Then put it into the container where it will be kept. Coffee beans acquire different notes after the home roasting, but it won’t affect the beverage quality significantly. Green beans may be kept for years. But the roasted beans are better to be used immediately. The charm of home coffee is in this fact that you may have freshly roasted coffee right to hand always. Experimenting with coffee beans roasting you may find the best degree of roasting for you and even learn to create your own blends.